4:00 - 4:40 pm
The IT Romanian Diaspora and the startup ecosystems (Portugal, Germany, USA, UK, Switzerland) they are thriving in

by Romanian IT

Format: panel with live guests via web
Panel speakers: Victor Vintu, Olimpiu Datcu & Serban Mogos
Facilitator: Oana Bouraoui
Seats: 50

The global community for romanians in tech industry

We are a community of 1.000 students, IT professionals and entrepreneurs connected worldwide. 
We aim to create professional, educational and social opportunities for our members by connecting them with like-minded peers, mentors and companies worldwide.
We’re not just building a community, we are defining a way of life. The power of a network lies in the capacity of the community to empower the members to reach their goals and aspirations.

Victor Vintu, Director of Operations at DigitalGenius

Olimpiu Datcu, Co-Founder & CEO at ARSIA Technologies S.R.L.

Serban Mogos, Founder & COO @ Eyeware | Attention Sensing AI

Oana Bouraoui

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