5:25 - 6:10 pm
Healthcare and technology: needs and solutions

by Freshblood - Healthtech

Format: panel talk
Panel speakers: Dan Cristian Paul, Ovidiu Petru Stan & Horia Ivan
Facilitated by: Ion-Gheorghe Petrovai
Seats: 50

Healthcare is a topic that is relevant for us all since it will sooner or later become a concern for everybody in his /her life. Technological solutions have improved significantly the life and the disease management in the last decades, however much remains to be done/improved.We will explore together with a medical doctor, an engineer/researcher and an entrepreneur what are some of the needs that can be answered through technology and how should start-ups aiming to enter this field think about building their product and their business.

Dr. Dan Cristian PAUL
President of OTM Graduate of "Iuliu Haţieganu" University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca, PhD student and Assistant Professor at the same university.Resident doctor in Orthopedics-Traumatology speciality.Founder and President of the Young Doctors' Organization, the first community of young medical professionals from Romanian medical system.

Senior Lecturer Ovidiu Petru STAN, PhD
Lecturer in the Department of Automation, Technical University of Cluj Napoca.PhD in Automation and Industrial Informatics and mentor in the Innovation Labs Program. Contributor to researches and articles putting together the healthcare and the technology fields.

Horia IVAN, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder and General Manager StomaLink
Economic studies graduate, after an extensive successful experience in the pharmaceutical field, co-founded StomaLink, a scheduling and patient management platform dedicated to dental practices.

Dr. Ion-Gheorghe PETROVAI
Project Manager FreshBloodMedical Doctor by training, Healthcare Business Developer by passion. Entrepreneur,intrapreneur and consultant. 15 + years of sales and marketing for medical products andservices. Now focused to build FreshBlood – The HealthTech community with national and regional footprint.

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