5:25 - 6:10 pm
The role of Innovation Management in evaluating the success potential in early stage startups

by Cluj IT Cluster
facilitated by: Carmen Ciobanu

Format: panel talk w/ facilitator
Seats: 50

Stelian Brad is an open spirit to bring novelty in community. He has a PhD in robotics and a PhD ineconomics. He is entrepreneur in the IT sector and has over 9 years of experience as CEO insoftware industry. Today he is the president of the Cluj IT Cluster and full professor at the TechnicalUniversity of Cluj-Napoca, where he leads the Research Center for Engineering and Management ofInnovation. He bases his life on two fundamental principles: “cooperation is much more competitivethan competition” and “willingness to do as much good is superior to ambition to be the best”.

Daniel Homorodean is CEO at Arxia, founder of PlanningWiz and ProcessPlayer, member of the board of Cluj IT Cluster since 2012, avid traveler and mountaineer, always ready for new experiences, new connections and new challenges.

Carmen Ciobanu
Graduate of an international masters program in the field of Management of non-governmental organizations and graduate in Administrative Sciences at UBB Cluj.Change maker and design thinker, always looking for innovative solutions and activities, I put my mark on everything I do and I believe in the potential of social businesses and the co-creation process. I coordinated the projects of the Social Economy and Human Resources Departments of the Civitas Foundation for Civil Society - Cluj Branch in the last eight years.Certified as a trainer, project manager, public procurement expert, human resource inspector, with 8 years of experience in project management, writing and implementing projects with European funding.I am coordinating at this time the Impact Hub Cluj-Napoca activity, part of the 102 Impact Hubs network. 

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