4:00 - 4:40 pm
The Romanian Entrepreneur's Profile

by Corina Cimpoca

Format: talk
Seats: 50

What defines a leader in Romania? What are the main values ​​and lifestyles of entrepreneurs in Romania? What are their habits, the personality, the values ​​and the defining interests of today's entrepreneurs? What is the link between talent, perseverance, passion and the potential for success of entrepreneurs?All of this was measured by MKOR Consulting in a qualitative survey conducted in July 2017, on a nationally representative sample of over 630 leaders - managers and entrepreneurs. Of these, 347 are entrepreneurs from business and NGOs.One of the novelty elements analyzed by MKOR in the study is the potential for success of Romanian entrepreneurs and to what extent their qualities, habits and values ​​are related to their own success in life and in business. For this, the GRIT Scale was used for the first time in Romania, an instrument developed by Angela Duckworth, a neuropsychologist specialist, which is successfully used in the USA. The tool proposes a formula that measures talent and perseverance influence achieving success.

Corina leads MKOR Consulting, the Market Opportunity Research agency, that combines more than 10 years of expertise in marketing, business experience and MBA studies and delivers the best market research solutions in order to achieve real business results. MKOR Consulting regularly conducts its own market studies on various themes, which are available for free download on their company website, https://mkor.ro/studii-piata-mkor/

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