4:00 - 7:00 pm
A crash course on corporate-start-up collaboration

by Oana-Maria Pop and Dr. Diana Rus

Format: workshop
Seats: 20

Did you know? Collaboration is the new competition. It is also the only way for your organization to achieve sustainable impact in the future. In short, in this day and age, organizations cannot survive, let alone thrive in isolation.

In this highly interactive workshop, we aim to give you a sense of how inter-company collaboration works by creating a common understanding of what fosters and what impedes it. On September 18, we’ll touch upon different stakeholders’ motives to collaborate, types of collaboration, the typical collaboration stumbling blocks as well as some ways to (gracefully) overcome them. We will take a hands-on approach whereby you’ll see some videos, engage in some practical exercises and hopefully, walk away with a little plan. Or, at least, a few ideas for your next collaborative endeavour.

So if you are wondering:
- What inter-firm collaboration is;
- Why you should collaborate with a partner;
- What a start-up/ corporate partner can bring you (Myths vs. Facts);
- How to identify and address challenges with collaboration
You are in the right place.

We believe that, in this day and age, connectedness (and not profit alone) is the new measure of success. To remain sustainable and create value, organizations – established or just starting out – need to know what they can bring to the table and create mutually beneficial relationships.
In this workshop, we aim to challenge some of the prevailing thinking around collaboration, as well as to listen to and learn from you!
Last but not least, we hope that we will all have some fun and will be inspired to stretch our thinking and skillset regarding collaboration.

Oana-Maria Pop 
Oana is a researcher in open innovation at Hasselt University, Belgium, where she explores complex collaborative arrangements such as networks and ecosystems for innovation. Her background is in the innovation management service industry where she worked primarily with content curating, digital marketing, new business and new service development as well as online education. Some of her past and present collaborators include: InnovationManagement.se, Fabrikators, A. T. Kearney and IMP³rove - European Innovation Management Academy, The Apollo Education Group, HYPE Innovation, ESADE Business School, NineSigma, UCB Pharma and Novo Nordisk.

Dr. Diana Rus
Diana is a consultant and researcher specializing in innovation management, talent development and change management. Currently, she works as principal consultant at Creative Peas (NL) and as a senior lecturer in organizational change management at the University of Groningen. She works with clients across different business sectors in Europe, the U.S. and Asia on issues related to building innovation capability and supporting the shift towards more collaborative forms of innovation involving outside partners. She also frequently publishes her work on leadership and innovation in scientific management and practitioner journals and teaches in executive education programs. Recently, she published a book on Workplace Innovation together with collaborators from the TNO.

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